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"an incentive for people to save more"

EduSave is an incentive which people receive on ANY EXISTING savings account when they reach and maintain a certain balance in their account.


Every customer with a savings account*


has a balance of MWK 5,000

has a school fee insurance



• Over 75% of the savings accounts hold a balance lower then MWK 3,000 and 85% of the accounts have a balance below MWK 6,000

• 47% of the savings accounts are dormant

• In the mean time these accounts carry costs (overhead, interest, marketing, etc.) of about MWK 100 per month

• AND we need savings to cover our loan book

• The break even point of an account is approximately MWK 6,000. This means that we need to increase the balances on the active savings accounts and reactivate the dormant accounts and increase their balance as well.




Car Insurance (Premium Financing Loans)

"i can carry

out my business transactions properly and prompt"


Opportunity International brings simple, secure banking to remote areas of the developing world.


Our branches offer economical, efficient services tailored to the specific needs of each region. In addition to our full-service banks, we are expanding the number of mobile banks, point-of-sale devices and ATMs available to those living in remote areas.


Opportunity International’s team of global finance experts, recruited for their depth of knowledge and passion for our mission, has helped us form 15 formal financial institutions (including seven banks), design customized products and services, and provide dependable customer care.


Your support will help provide those outside the economic mainstream with greater access to the professionalism and security of a commercial bank, as well as the financial resources they need to build a more stable future for their families.